We are a small hobby kennel.  Started in 1995 with our first purebred dog. This was the
beginning of our search for the perfect  companion dogs.  That, we have now found in the  
(English style)
Labrador Retriever
English Springer Spaniel  
Our dogs are raised for Health (to be a happy part of your family for many years),
Temperament (to be your best friend and the willing attitude to perform anything you ask
of them),  
Structure (to perform in the field)  
and for their
Beauty (to win in the show ring)!

We live on five acres in the beautiful state of Washington, in the lovely town of  Lynden
with farmland all around us.  Our family of  four and many friends make sure our dogs
and puppies get plenty of attention.  The puppies are born in our house/kennel room.

We love our dogs, and are always here to answer any questions you might have.  We
hope you enjoy our Blackpearl kennel web sight!
360-201-8634 or 360-366-7203